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TeamDP138 - All Access Pass - Weekly Newsletter

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YOU have a chance to win 4x a month! 

Friday of every week I will pick a random winner. 

Here you'll have access to tons of weekly content behind the scenes. From practice content on training days to behind the scenes Race Day photos and Race Reports! 

There will be tons of cool content sent out weekly; Tech tips, riding tips, off the bike activities, and much more!! You'll get a deeper look into my life and what I do on and off the bike.

Weekly giveaway items will vary from Signed Merch, Jerseys, Gloves, Goggles, Plastics, Posters, stickers and much more!!!

As well as products from my sponsors!
Such as EZ Lift Electric Motocross Stand, Gear, Helmets, Goggles, Tires, Graphic Kits, Seat Covers, Wheel sets, Supplements, Northern Chill Water, Polar Global Watches and Heart rate monitors, Hats, and more!!

*** Also during the race season I plan to give away an all access race day experience with me and my team which will give you an opportunity to meet and hang with me and my team and enjoy hanging out in my teams hospitality on race day. I will provide (1) industry seating ticket to the race along with (1) track walk pass!!  ***

Team DP138 All Access Pass Newsletter
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